About Us

Club members of all skill and experience levels are dedicated to the enjoyment of our waters through paddle sports. Informally, we had organized previously for group trips, educational outings and other events, but on February 11, 2022, we officially formed our Club with Calvin Doody as our first president.

The primary purpose of the Club is to promote the safe enjoyment of natural surroundings via paddling on waterways, primarily in Arkansas. We do this by encouraging an atmosphere that promotes social interaction while enjoying the exposure to many scenic waterways.

Club goals and practices are to:

  • Offer paddling activities and  related social activities for Club members.
  • Provide local education and training to develop basic paddling knowledge and skills.
  • Educate and encourage newcomers to join and participate in the Club.

2023 Directors:
President – Calvin Doody
Vice President – Duane Hecklesberg
Secretary – Linda Worack
Treasurer – Buzz Carpenter
Trips Chairperson – Patty Dublin

Here’s how to join us.