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The Club has re-activated, as of the May 20, 2023 Annual Membership Meeting

The Club Board is asking for volunteers to handle paddling event administration/coordination. It is hoped that everyone will share in the event administration of this volunteer organization by stepping forward to coordinate at least one event.

For river events and lakes outside HSV this involves developing the event flyer and submitting it for distribution to Club members about 7 days in advance of the event. Then the volunteer will keep a list of the participants as they indicate their event participation via email. Meanwhile, they will assign one of the participants (usually with the most experience on the specific river) as the “On-The-Water” leader.

For lake events in the Village, any member will just advise other Club members where and when they will be paddling and issue an invitation to join in the activity. This is intended to be much less formal than last year. However, a brief safety talk of 2 to 5 minutes is still expected to remind participants of the need to wear their PFD and stay with the group, etc.. There may be an assigned “On-The-Water” lead and even a “Sweep” for larger groups.